Our Story


The vision for Eredità Shoes came to Founder, Tyler Kirsch while walking through the streets of Florence on a mission to find himself a great pair of shoes. He came across beautifully handcrafted, Italian leather products on nearly every corner and spent hours in various shops. After hours of searching, he found just the pair at a small family-run cobbler shop.

As he sat there thinking about his experience, he realized he needed to share the gorgeous gift of Italian craftsmanship and personal touch with the world. That is the goal and mission of Eredità Shoes: to deliver the highest quality, handmade, Italian leather shoes to those who value craftsmanship and personal style.

In English, the Italian word eredità translates to legacy. Not only does Kirsch want to build a legacy to pass on to his family one day, but he also wants to share the Italian legacy of handcrafting shoes with as many people as possible.