Tyler J. Kirsch, Founder


Since founding Eredità Shoes in 2016, Tyler Kirsch has been bringing luxury, Italian craftsmanship to the men’s footwear industry. Having experienced the difference of handcrafted footwear on the streets of Florence firsthand, Tyler was eager to share this gorgeous gift with the rest of the world. By combining his love for Italian artistry and entrepreneurial spirit, Kirsch is now embracing a modern approach to the art of Italian craftsmanship; offering luxury Italian-made footwear at a contemporary price point.

In order to deliver unmatched design standards at an affordable price, Tyler scoured the Italian countryside for family-run factories with decades of experience and dedication to the craft. This allows Kirsch to confidently stand behind his products. 

Tyler wasn’t always in the business of enhancing the men’s footwear industry. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology from John Carroll University, he got his start in chemicals and plastics sales working for several companies managing the Midwest, based out of Chicago. It wasn’t until a 2015 trip to Florence that he realized his passion for the Italian legacy of handmade leather craftsmanship.